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I am both honored and excited to share that I have been endorsed by:


Mr. Vermin Supreme

Wayne County Libertarians

Bucks County Libertarians



A Huge thank you to everyone for supporting me, Thank you all so much!





Principle Over Party

Throughout current events we consistently hear about how we must choose the lesser evil because the lesser evil belongs to a certain party. Unfortunately, this has served to create problems for centuries!

When Elected to the office of Attorney General here in Pennsylvania, I intend to work on the following top issues:

Prosecution Reform:

When Prosecutors work in an unethical manner, people go to jail and remain much longer than they need to for crimes they may not have committed. Too often Prosecutors reach to far in order to obtain a plea for a lesser charge that many are inclined to take, even if they have done nothing wrong, because if they are found guilty for the bigger crime, their punishment would be so much worse. It is rare when it is proven that prosecutors act unethically, and rarer still when unethical prosecutors are punished for those crimes. They need to be held accountable!

Self Defense Advocate:  

It is extremely important that people have the ability to purchase the tools needed to defend themselves. Enshrined in our founding documents is the right of the people to bear arms in defense of themselves, and this right shall not be questioned.

police and prison reforms:  

We have all heard about police misconduct and extra violence perpetrated by the police against those they are arresting. We have also all heard about prison over crowding. Both of these issues can be curtailed, dramatically, by ending the War on Drugs.

Decriminalizing victimless crimes:  

Whether it be prostitution, or personal drug use for whatever reason, it is not the business of government to determine how people should or should not live their lives.

Election Law Reform:

This past ballot accesss petition cycle, all three branches were active in working to assure that all but the two old party candidates would have access to the ballot here in Pennsylvania. While they failed in eliminating all of us, We need to take action in order to fix our utterly broken election law here at home.

Stopping legal extortion shakedowns in the name of “antitrust:”  

Politicians do what they can to shake down giant corporations, and when they do, the corporations are forced to pay lobbyists and donate heavily to political campaigns in order to keep their interests whole. These corporations employ a large number of Pennsylvanians, and it is those employees who will suffer most from these unethical shakedowns.

Making sure that real equal protection exists.  

Assuring that all of the Bill of Rights is complied with.  

Not using “drug busts” as a tool for self promotion.  

Determining what compact agreements the Feds should be enforcing and not having the Feds push around the state via concurrent enforcement compacts to the detriment of the citizens of the Commonwealth.  

Restoring our country and state to freedom and not a system of “permissions”.

 I am the only second amendment advocate on the ballot and the only person who is willing to address that issue.  







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